worldpoliticsjournal.com aims at presenting the wide diversity of opinions to help clarify challenges, which today’s world is facing.

At a time of increased political polarization, we would like to promote public deliberation about world affairs between people with conflicting views and ideas, develop useful knowledge about today’s world and contribute to understanding of the variety of complicated political, social and economic problems within and between states.

We live in an era of uncertainty when emotions run high. We see the need for creating a platform for people interested in providing meaning of what is happening across the world. We also see the need to prevent tabloidization from becoming a dominant force in shaping public discourse. Analyses of leading issues/problems cannot be driven by commercial requirements. Our action is driven by the belief that information, which educates societies, must be based on thoroughly-analysed and interpreted data. Emotionally charged information may be influential, but is dangerous, because it spreads prejudices and stereotypes. Public debate must be driven by facts, not emotions.

Our mission also includes the promotion of well-read individuals, who are able to identify the world’s problems and challenges and willing to provide in-depth analysis of the increasingly complex world.

We are interested in cooperation with foundations, think tanks, universities, non-governmental organisations and well-read individuals in order to advance our mission.