Privacy Policy

When you use this portal you trust us with information. respects your personal information. Therefore, this privacy policy intends to explain what data we collect from users, why we collect it and what we do with collected information.

We collect information when you create your personal wpj account, share information with other people such as reviews, comments or post a photo as well as subscribe to our newsletter.

We also collect information about how you use such as the frequency and duration of your visits as well as your actual location, your IP address and the internet browser type.

When you sign up for a WPJ account in order to take full advantage of exchanging knowledge with other people from around the world, we may ask you to provide personal information like your name, e-mail address, education, the name of company/institution and job title. You can update your personal information on your wpj account anytime, but before that we may ask you to verify your identity.

By submitting your details, you agree to receive occasional e-mails from We operate a strict privacy policy. Rest assured we will not sell your e-mail address to third parties, you can sign out at ant time.

We also use data we collect to improve services we offer. We keep a record of your communication with us to help resolve any issues you may face. We may also use your e-mail to inform you about our services, improvements and changes. We do not, however, share personal information with spammers and any other third parties. Information can be provided to third parties only with your consent. If you object any changes you can notify us about this or close your wpj account.

Every time you use this website, the analytics software provided by a third party such as Google Analytics, generates performance cookies, which allow us to collect statistical information about our visitors, whether you have visited our website before and what pages you have viewed.

Cookies are small text files, which a website may put on your computer or mobile device. Cookies allow us to deliver useful functionalities and improve our website. They also allow us to analyse how well our website is performing.

We may also use cookies to serve you with advertisements, which may be relevant to you and your interests. All the information, however, is gathered anonymously, which means that cookies will not collect information to identify you.

Remember, please, that cookies collect information about your visits on this website, but not about who you are.

You can always disable cookies, generally through changing your internet software settings. It may also be possible to configure the settings on your browser to enable you to accept specific cookies or to notify you each time, when new cookies are about to be stored on your computer or mobile device; it will allow you to decide whether to accept or reject cookies.